9 Cell Battery for Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 1545 1546 15 laptop


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Get Longer Battery Life for your Dell Inspiron 15, 1525, 1526, 1545, and 1546 Does your Dell laptop battery life last only a few minutes? Revive your laptop with an extended run battery from Laptop Battery Express. This battery is 100% compatible with the Dell Inspiron 1525, 1526, 1545, and 1546 series laptops. Many more compatible laptop battery part numbers are listed below. Still don’t see your model or part number? Go to our Dell laptop battery page for the full listing. Our 9-cell Dell Inspiron 15 Series battery has twice the battery life as the original 6-cell battery and can stay unplugged for up to 5 hours. Because of the additional cells, this battery protrudes slightly from the rear of the laptop but is still 100% compatible. When choosing a replacement laptop battery, quality is everything. That s why we use only the highest quality Samsung lithium-ion cells. Higher quality cells mean faster charge, more battery runtime and longer battery life. Batteries also use computer chips to communicate with the computer s power and safety software that tell it when to charge and when to stop charging. We use only the highest quality Texas Instruments battery chips. Each battery is individually tested and is backed by a full 2-year warranty and 30-day return. This Dell Inspiron 15, 1525, 1526, 1546 and 1545 battery is rated at 7800 mAh, the one of the highest capacity li-ion batteries on the market. The higher the mAh (milli-amp hour) the longer your battery charge will last. The 7800 mAh battery will still be compatible if your current battery has a lower mAh. It just means the new battery will last longer. Brand: Voltage: Battery Capacity: Battery Type: Cell Origin: Color: Warranty: Guarantee: Useful Life: Xtend battery 11.1 Volts 7800 mAh; 85 Whr 9 Cell Li-ion (6 cell available here) Samsung (South Korea) Black 2 Year Warranty 30 day full satisfaction guarantee 300-500 recharge cycles We are a family-run business based in the US. Our business is built on honesty, integrity and trust, and are dedicated to delivering you the highest quality replacement batteries and adapters. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support is here to assist you before and after the sale. If you have any questions regarding compatibility or battery issues don’t hesitate to call us. Compatible with these Dell Inspiron battery part numbers: 312-0625 312-0633 312-0763 C139H C595H C601H CR693 D127H D603H D608H F632H G617H GP952 GW240 GW241 HP277 HP297 KHCK5 LDE-66 M911G N586M P02F P02F001 P505M PD685 PP41L PP29L RN873 RU586 RU573 RW240 UK716 WK371 WK379 WK380 WK381 WP193 X284G X409G XR682 XR693 XR694 XR697 Y823G Laptop Battery Express only deals with brand new premium computer batteries. We never carry recycled or used batteries. We only use the highest quality cells inside the battery pack so you will have a long service life (300-500 recharge cycles) . We do not use cheaper battery cells which can wear out in a little as 6 months. Our inventory turns rapidly and you will always receive a freshly manufactured battery. Battery Care and Usage Batteries lose their charge over time. You can extend the life of your laptop battery with a few simple tips: Fully charge your laptop before the first use Avoid running your laptop battery on empty as it can damage the lithium-ion cells Recharge your battery before it reaches 20% Exercise your battery by going unplugged for a few hours at least once a weak Power Saving Tips This battery will run up 3-5 hours between charges. Here are a few ways to get even longer run times: Reduce screen brightness Avoid using the CD/CD-ROM drives as the motor consumes a fair amount of power. Turn off Wifi and bluetooth if they’re not being used Remove any devices plugged into your USB or other ports. Close any unused programs Increase your memory to at least 4 Gigabytes. This creates less work for your hard drive and saves battery power.

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