ABBYY Lingvo x6 Russian Core European Version , Download Version


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Product Description

Premium dictionary software delivers word translations from Russian to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, and Greek languages and back. Contains158 general and specialized dictionaries including Oxford English dictionaries, with over 7,000,000 entries.Benefits:World-class dictionariesOxford University Press and HarperCollins Publishers world’s leading dictionaries inside.Idiomatic dictionaries, phrase books and dictionaries of English slang and colloquialisms.Subject dictionaries of engineering, economics, computer and medicine terms, and others.Quick and accurate translationsGet translations faster: use a search bar – it will display suggestions as you type, just like in search engines.View pop-up translations in other apps: just aim the pointer at a word in a PDF file, an e-mail message or a website.Learn foreign languagesExplore new words easily with flash cards. Listen to pronunciations of words recorded by native speakers. Check verb tenses, grasp meanings of idioms and expressions, and get usage examples of words. ABBYY Lingvo x6 Russian Core European Version , Download Version is one of many Language Software available through Office Depot. Made by ABBYY USA Software House, Inc…

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